Joseph Kosinski, director Top Gun: MaverickAt the DGA Awards, he talked about the viral moment between Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise.

“[It] It was pretty surreal, for many obvious reasons,” Kosinski told Deadline, seeing Spielberg tell Cruise their movie “saved Hollywood.”

Kosinski continued: “I grew up watching Steven’s films—it was a huge inspiration for me. To see him and Tom having a conversation about the film—was very exciting. ”

The filmmaker added that it was comforting to wait “a long two years” for the movie to hit theaters, adding, “I know we made this movie to see it on the big screen and to see it in any other way.” It’s just not going to do it justice. That’s what kept us all there while we waited, and thank God we did, because I thought the day was perfect and the results were spectacular.”

Kosinski also shared that he has “a lot of incredible memories” while filming Top Gun: Maverick Said, “Watching Tom eject from the deck in an F/A-18 on a carrier in the Pacific. Have fond memories with my incredible crew and this cast and I’m so excited about their cohesion , because you never know when you pick actors and how you put them together. And seeing them form this bond between them that still exists to this day.”

The director is also working on his next film, which will star Brad Pitt and tell the story of a retired Formula One driver racing again. Kosinski joked that the film will come “quickly” in the second half of the year.He added that he is currently immersing himself in that world, “It’s fascinating. I can’t wait to show people behind the scenes. We’ll be shooting on the track with real cars and trying to apply everything I’ve learned in it.” Top Gun Apply for Formula 1. That must be fun. “

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