The Grand Finals for PUBG Global Series 1 (PGS 1), the global PUBG Esports tournament held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, will take place from May 5 to 7 and will feature 16 of the best rosters from around the world. Among the 16 teams in the Finals, HOWL, Natus Vincere, Twisted Minds and Acend are also up for collecting the PGS points required to compete in the 2023 PUBG Global Championship (PGC 2023) and receive a share of the 500,000 {{tooLongConte }}# 39; they will fight.

PGS 1 Summary of groups and group stage

In the Winners’ Pool, the top 8 teams, including PUBG Global Championship 2022 (PGC 2022) champion Natus Vincere and HOWL from EMEA, qualified for the grand finals. Although Natus Vincere started strongly in the group stage, it could not progress at the same pace, but later picked up the pace and finished on top. They look very strong going into the grand finals.

HOWL is having an incredible year so far. After qualifying for PGS 1 by becoming the champions of the PUBG EMEA Championship: Spring (PEC: Spring), the team struggled through the group stage with just one point ahead of the Winners Group. In the Winners’ Group, HOWL put on a spectacular show with a money soup and a total of six podium positions, far outstripping the pre-event favourites. The team finished 5th in the Winners Group and shared the overall result with Cerberus Esports and Soniqs.

Calendar of the Turkish team in the pubg final

The remaining two EMEA teams are; Twisted Minds, who placed 3rd at PGC 2022, and Acend, who finished 2nd at PEC: Spring, moved from the Losers Group to the Winners Group. Although Twisted Minds seems to have finally found its game, only a single soup coin appears during the qualifiers, but the high

finished the group in first place with points. Although Acend went through a mixed process with several Soup Bucks matches and zero points, they eventually finished 7 points above their EU rivals FaZe Clan, who failed to reach the grand finals.

The Grand Final, which will be held from May 5 to 7, will consist of a total of 18 matches, six matches per day. The team with the highest score will be the champion of PGS 1. With a total prize pool of $500,000, the first team in PGS 1 will win $80,000 and the remaining prize money will be distributed in order.

On the other hand, four of the eight Global Partner Teams; Sales of Team Edition Skins, which include skins created by FaZe Clan, 17Gaming, Natus Vincere and Petrichor Road, have also been extended until May 17.

PGS 1 final release details

All PGS 1 Grand Finals matches will start at 13:00 and the official PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS vibration ve PUBG: Sports to YouTube can be watched live on the channel.

PUBG with action at every turn: BATTLEGROUNDS skills Arda “Tropik” Bayram, Oğuzhan “Canalem” Can, Utku “Utimikk” Taşyürek, Buğrahan “Wreckage” Şevke, Ozan “Oynak” Altuntaş, Timur “Timurlengkx, MustafaFülteküny” , Özgür “Root” Alagül will accompany you as a commentator throughout the event.

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